Baptism is a sacrament of the Christian church involving the action of washing with water in the
context of Christian worship. Christian baptism is done in the name of the Triune God (Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit) following Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew 28:18-20. There are a variety of
metaphors and symbols in the Christian Scriptures that elucidate the meaning of baptism. Thus,
the precise meaning and mode of baptism will vary from church to church, as it has throughout
Christian church history. The Christian church generally agrees across time and across the
theological spectrum that baptism must involve water, the name of the Triune God, and the
church. The following material is taken from resources of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
known as the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions. These resources are rooted in the
language and thought of the Christian Scriptures. For more information on Baptism click here

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