Capital Funds Campaign Update – June 2024

June 26, 2024 | Posted in Church News

The renovation of the Fellowship Hall is now completed! The project was started in March 2024 and has undergone several phases.  First the walls were coated with primer. Next, 30 gallons of paint were used to spray paint the ceiling and duct work.  The carpet was then removed and carried to the dumpster. Then two coats of epoxy paint were painted over the primer to finish the walls. Ferrante Carpeting was hired to lay the carpet squares and install the cove molding around the perimeter.  The old tables were replaced with round and rectangular Lifetime tables. All of the electrical outlets have been replaced. Lastly, the support poles were wrapped with fluted trim to resemble roman columns. Be sure to check it out!

Currently, the church is in the process of getting a new roof over the sanctuary. A new roof was previously installed over the office and library section in the fall of 2023.

As of June 2024, the Capital Funds Campaign has raised just over $8,600! Thanks to all who donated!


A shuffle board from many years ago was discovered when the old carpeting was removed!

Work in progress!

Wow! What a difference!

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