Heifer News and Updates

February 15, 2024 | Posted in Church News
Heifer News and Updates
We are very grateful for those who support the Heifer Fund. Thank you for
placing your pennies in the containers at the entrances to the sanctuary, front and
back, as well as the one located in Fellowship Hall. Just after Christmas and again,
more recently, we were so happy to roll and count pennies. Someone had already
rolled much of these recent collections, so it made our task easy. THANK-YOU!!!
We would like to announce that since the beginning of the year, we have collected
close to $70.00 in pennies and some other coinage. THAT is GREAT!
Heifer appreciates our gifts each time and they send their acknowledgement.
Look for the latest Heifer updates in Fellowship Hall on the Heifer News Bulletin
Board. A new Heifer Activity Pack is available on the Heifer’s website:
This is a great resource for families as it contains family activities and discussion
topics, coloring pages, puzzles, a story featuring a family that Heifer has helped, a
geography lesson that features a certain country, crafts and recipes! Wow! That
sounds like fun! A copy will be posted on the bulletin board or you can visit
to obtain your very own! You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this fun
activity pack.
Challenge: Start coloring!!! The first one to bring in a completed coloring page
(page 1 of the activity pack) and turn into Toni or Bob Kastroll will be given a
special prize! There’s no age limit, so anyone can participate!!! Deadline will be
March 24, 2024!!!
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