Pastor Steve’s Corner October , 2023

October 28, 2023 | Posted in Pastor Steve's Corner
Greetings!  After you’ve perused through the website, I would like you to contemplate a few thoughts. What helps you to be content, at peace and to be fulfilled?  Some of you can answer this right away and with faith. Others may have to think a little more deeply. Colossians 2:10 says: You have been given fullness in Christ. What does that mean?
With Christ as your Lord you have so much to put your trust in. Through Jesus, God gives us what we need and search for. He provides us with security and peace. He helps us when we grieve and can heal us. His words provide solutions to problems and give us wisdom. We have victory over death. Our lives are made complete in the Lord Jesus.
If you want to discuss these issues with me, I would be glad to talk with you.  Many of them are brought forth in sermons each Sunday. If you are looking for a church please join us on a Sunday or give me a call. If you’re a member, see you at worship!
Pastor Steve


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