Showing Appreciation!

June 4, 2023 | Posted in Events

The Hospitality team surprised our dedicated Ellwood City School crossing guards and bus drivers with tokens of appreciation in May, 2023.

The Hospitality Team (a subcommittee of the mission team) are looking for opportunities to reach out and recognize different groups within our community. Bell Church has been distributing breakfast items to the Ellwood Crossing Guards for several years at the end of the school year. As the team was organizing this event, a member, who was a former school bus driver, suggested also reaching out to bus drivers. They decided it would be fun to make a keychain with a bus on it along with a label thanking them for keeping our kids safe.

During the last week of school, the team met with the four Crossing Guards and distributed a bookmark/card along with some breakfast treats. The Crossing Guards were very pleased to be recognized for their hard work.  The team also met with the school bus drivers at the Zona Bus Terminal to pass out 40 little bus key chains with a thank you note from the church.  They expressed deep appreciation for the little gifts. This reminded all of us to be gracious and remember to say thank you. We all decided to continue brainstorming for different ways to reach out to members in our community who could use some appreciation!

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